Reporting Accidents

Where To Report Pesticide Accidents
Report accidents promptly to the appropriate state agency. The agency will investigate the problem and take immediate steps to reduce harmful effects, determine causes and responsibilities, and prevent recurrence.

Human poisoning. As soon as the victim is under a physician’s care, caregivers are required to report suspected or confirmed pesticide-related illness to the the Washington Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222; or the Washington State Department of Health, Pesticide Program at 1-877-485-7316. Reports from growers, while not required, are helpful.

Investigations of pesticide misuse. In the event of misuse of a pesticide notify the nearest WSDA Branch Office. When you speak with an individual, please be prepared to provide as much information as possible concerning the incident.  If you do not speak directly to an individual please leave a voice message and your call will be returned. If you need immediate assistance, please call the Olympia office at 360-902-2040. For more on how WSDA will respond to your complaint please review the Pesticide Investigation and Enforcement Brochure,

Storage or transportation accidents.  In the event of a significant accidental pesticide spill or release due to leaks. floods, fires, and the like, notify the appropriate Ecology regional office found at

Northwest Region: 1-425-649-7000
Southwest Region: 1-360-407-6300
Central Region: 1-509-575-2490
Eastern Region: 1-509-329-3400