Nutrient Sprays

Fertilizers can be applied to fruit trees as nutrient sprays.  Although only limited amounts of nutrients can be absorbed by the tree through foliar application methods, such spray applications can be timed for maximum effect in overcoming or preventing certain mineral deficiencies or to enhance tree performance and fruit quality.

Caution: Nutrient sprays can cause severe injury to fruit, leaves, shoots, and buds. Therefore their use should be considered as hazardous. Do NOT apply unless a deficiency or low level of that specific nutrient is known to exist and has been confirmed by visual symptoms or tissue tests.  Use dilute sprays and as low a rate as possible.  Concentrates can cause serious injury.

Note: Nutrients are not classified as pesticides and therefore do not require pesticide label registration.  Only a limited number of materials are specifically formulated and labeled for use as nutrient sprays. Do not combine these with pesticides unless permitted on the product label.  Use of products not labeled for nutrient sprays may result in crop injury.  Likewise, pesticides are not and should not be considered as plant nutrient supplements.