Display and Notification Requirements

Posting Displays and Notification Requirements
The federal Worker Protection Standard requires the following:

  1. A Central Posting Display that includes: product name, active ingredient, EPA registration number, Restricted Entry Interval, time and date of application, area treated, and a safety poster and emergency medical information. This information must remain posted for 30 days.
  2. Workers and handlers receive application notification as required on the specific product label. The label requirements determine if notification is to be oral, by posting the “warning—do not enter sign,” or both. Most, but not all, agrichemical products used in tree fruit production do not require the posting of “warning—do not enter” signs. If the required timing of posting the sign is difficult for your operation to follow, then use these signs only when required by the label.
  3.  If “warning—do not enter” signs are required, they must not be displayed longer than 24 hours before application and must be removed or covered within 3 days after the end of the restricted entry interval.

For further information on WPS posting and notification requirements, contact WSDA or Department of Labor and Industries.